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Farewell To a Legend: Vidal Sassoon


vidal sassoon

This month, the world of styling was rocked by news of the death of genius and all-around innovator Vidal Sassoon. Avid readers of this blog will remember my earlier post about the movie celebrating the life of the legendary stylist. Sassoon was a huge influence on me, and his death will leave a gap in the fashion world that may never be filled again.

Sassoon became a household name because of his hair-care products, but he first came to prominence in the early 1960s. Even if you’re not familiar with the intricacies of Sassoon’s style, you’ve seen his imprint everywhere from the Beatles to the Beckhams.

What Sassoon personified was the ability to take a concept that no one else thought was probable and use it to spearhead fashion’s consciousness. He was an ice-breaker in the often cold fashion world, constantly forging new paths and inspiring younger stylists throughout his own career.

Sassoon was to hair styling what Jordan is to basketball: A master of his art. I’m truly sorry to see him go and I know that thoughtful, innovative stylists all over the world are mourning a loss not just to the world of beauty, but to the greater artistic consciousness.

Rest in Peace Vidal Sassoon, you brilliant, brilliant man.

vidal sassoon 


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