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I highly recommend him to anyone who is very particular about getting their layers done he has attention to detail if I may say so...always happy with his services. I highly recommend him if anyone is looking for a professional hair stylist...Suriya is the one!

Delia s.
San Diego, CA

Latest Trend in Hair Design

which_couple_did_the_hottest_magazine_coverFashion and style are always evolving. It’s our job, as stylists, to try and stay on top of all the current developments both in our industry and in the broader fashion world. That means constantly researching: What new products are out there? What new methods or styles or cuts are being experimented with by the hottest stylists?

And also locally: What’s the latest trend in San Diego? Or what should it be and how can the work I do be a part of the fabric of that change, that evolution?

These are the questions I’ll be answering on this blog. I’ll be updating here at least once a month to fill you in on all new developments in the styling industry. So, be sure to check back here from time to time and especially just before your appointment, so you can refresh yourself on the most recent innovations in hairstyle and design.

Re-assess Your Hair Length With the New Year

It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s probably time to take a new look at your hairstyle. Well, that often goes hand-in-hand with changing not just the style, but the length of your hair, too.

Think about getting radical: Because what seems radical now could actually be exactly the sort of change that you need as you start the new year.

Specific hairstyles often look better at certain lengths than others and sometimes a change in hair length can be very refreshing, as women who have switched from longer locks to a short or medium length know all too well.

Women with long hair can switch to short or medium lengths or women with shorter hair can either wait a long time for hair to grow out or go with extensions that are becoming more and more popular as hair technologies get better and better.

Get yourself ready for a major change if you’re thinking about switching from long to short hair. Be ready for the many variances in styles, complimentary effects, and other effects like the lighter weight: You’ll literally be taking a weight off your shoulders!

Changing hair length can be a big step. But it needn’t be scary when you’re in the hands of Suriya’s expert stylists. Think of this as a rebirth, a refresher, a change!

Think Shorter!

Without wearing a wig, changing from longer hair lengths to medium or shorter lengths is always going to require some cutting. If you’ve had had long hair for a while, this can be a frightening step because the result is going to be something of a mystery.

But don’t be scared! Without fault, my clients are very pleased with the result, since they find that shorter hair provides some refreshing new hairstyle options as well as refreshing looks for the same wardrobe.

victoria-beckham shorter hair lengthsEven those who aren’t ecstatic right away? They always call me a day or two later excited about what they’ve done once they’re over the initial change

Some of the best outfits simply look better with shorter hair than with hair that flows over the shoulders. Think: Victoria Beckham. She’s been seen with some great long hairstyles, but she recently opted for a shorter crop that defined a whole new look for the modern fashion celebrity. Her choice really brought out her facial features, using a fringe or bangs to full effect.

Check out this photo of Victoria: Notice how the asymmetrical cut graduates to the front for a very beautiful hairstyle.

If you’re considering a shorter haircut, be sure to be prepared for it, and make sure your individual facial features go well with new styles like the ones seen on Kylie Minogue and Natalie Portman. Do a bit of research, then come in with your favorite style and let’s make the magic happen at Suriya!

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  1. Posted by: Shirley Hales

    One of the best gifts I ever gave myself was my visit to Suriya Hair Design. Was on vacation.. needed a haircut and was lucky enough to stumble onto this fantastic place.
    Suriya spent more time on my short hair than anyone has EVER spent on it.. I loved the cut and have received many compliments.. He’s fantastic.. My only regret is that the salon is a 5 hour flight from home… Shirley Toronto, Canada

  2. Posted by: Dorothy

    This piece was a lifejacket that saved me from dronnwig.

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